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the execution_1The execution_2 The execution_3

                                                         The execution_4The execution_5

Installation: The executed



portrait,full lenght              painting                    the paratrooper                         the commando     

                           Monument for The Belgian Para Troops                        Monument for The Belgian Commando Troops  

Look                 stainless steel





Duality     kids visiting the studio

working demonstration

the class of 2009   visit of 2.5 to 4 year  old artlovers

School visiting the studio and my private collection

Me and you fucking  man in stress



Mail Art

Mail - Art ( Front) Mail - Art ( Backside )

2010_2011  mail_art2

    Cranach-Luther  Cranach_Luther(backside)



        Postcard Art

                           no freedom in sex


Two girls

venus seduced







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