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Altar of peace

Altar of Peace - Thierry Lauwers

Altar of Peace – Thierry Lauwers


Thierry Lauwers - Prosperity 1

Prosperity Minqin, Gansu China Stainless steel

Le coup de main

Le coup de main

Le coup de main Villars-Fontaine, France Stainless steel, glass

Ninfa della foresta

Ninfa delle foresta

Ninfa della foresta – Thierry Lauwers – Livigno (Italy)

Luka, The Lukomorian

Luka, the Lukomorian

Luka, the Lukomorian, stainless steel, glass

Herne, Spirit of the forest


Herne, Spirit of the forest, Thierry Lauwers

Egy, Queen of Egyptian Desert

Prewalski Pferd

Le joueur du saxe

The Musician

Apis Flamand


Apis Flamand – Thierry Lauwers

The Manned Camera


De bemande camera – Zomergem – Thierry Lauwers

Lui che ha riempito le guance di aria

Femme Fatale

The Anemoi

The Gap Between


The Baikal Monster


Baikalmonster – Thierry Lauwers

Origin of the world

To hell and back

Hero of Dondylpal

Beheaded vibrator

Je suis liberté

Baila Oriental

It must not always be a mans hand

Father Damian


Father Damian – Lochristi (Belgium)

Tcherfalc, God of stone sculptors

Sheshat, Goddess of Art

Jumping Carp Flash

The Belgian Apis

The Himalayan Bull

Balance for (the 4 elements)

Mama killed a chicken

La Renaissance

Nude descending staircase

Memorial Para-Commando Regiment

Messenger of Peace

Ngalya, Arctic God of Prosperity

Mother help this world

Reaching for the sky

The girl with the strawberries

Endiko, symbol of friendship

The Latakia Muse

Yes, I do (The Kiss)

In harmony with our future

Sustain my heart, sustain my world

I will break free

High Water in Berlin

El toro Flamenco

Transcend1 312

El toro Flamenco, Salazar (Buenos Aires) Argentina

Freya,Goddess of the North

The Hanbury knight


Hanghbury knight – Thierry Lauwers

Dancing in the midnight sun

Dancing in the Midnight Sun

Dancing in the Midnight Sun – Thierry Lauwers

The Knight