Born in Belgium, Brugge – 20/12/1952


Royal Academy for Fine Arts – Gent, Belgium

Field Artillery School – non commissioned officer- Para-Commando- Brasschaat Belgium

Master in monumental sculpture.

By experience: moulding.

Professional visual artist since 1989.

Former legionsoldier – French Foreign Legion – 2 R.E.P.  (Paratroopers) 2th section – 3th compagnie

Former N.C.O.  – Regiment Para-Commando (Belgium): Instructor commando – First climber

Manager for Belgium & Siberia (Russian Federation): International Association for Monumental Sculpture Events (AIESM) – Milano (I).

Full member IAA/AIAP/UNESCO  A 14196 (Paris – France)

Organizer/Art-director: Lochristi International Sculpture Symposium Flanders (LISSF)

Director – Flanders Tee’el Tee’es Art Center Zomergem

Art-Director/Curator -Multiple exhibitions, art-events

External Consultant main board AIESM- Monumental art events

Member of committee ISSA – International Sculpture Symposium Alliance -Tongling,China.

Member of the board/ Art Director – Lukomorye Baikal International Sculpture Festivals – Irkutsk, Russia

Multiple expositions and symposia in Belgium, Argentina, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Poland, Canada, USA, France, Spain, Peoples Republic China, Russian Federation etc

Works in many collections, public and private, around the world. Paintings – sculpture in stone, wood, bronze, metal,fiber glass…- performance – installations…

Working mostly only on order, artists in residence programs.

Monumental work in public acquisitions:

1993 Catalpa Lochristi Belgium Carbon steel
1996 Mars Ghent Belgium Carbon steel
Der Bildhauer Helgoland Germany Stainless steel
2005 The Paratrooper Schaffen Belgium Stainless steel
2006 The Commando Wartet ( Marche-Les-Dames) Belgium Stainless steel
The Knight Newport (Wales) UK Brillant stainless steel
The Florists Lochristi Belgium Belgian bleu hardstone
2008 The Awakening Bardonecchia Italy Wood
Yes, it’s a boy Penza Russia Limestone from Ukraine
2009 The Muse Altlandsberg Germany Maple, copper
Dancing in the midnight sun Kemijarvi Finland Wood
The Invincibles Vättis Switzerland Dolomite, Vättner Alpstone
The Bogatyr Ramzaï Russian Federation Stainless steel
Domesticus Lokeren Belgium Stainless steel
2010 Cariatide Wilkendorf Germany  Stainless steel
Scultura di luci e ombre Ossana Italy Larice, copper, stainless, glass
Freya,Goddess of the North Penza Russia Carbon steel, stainless, glass
El toro Flamenco Salazar Argentina Chatarra
2011 High Water in Berlin Berlin Germany Maple, copper, stainless steel
I will break free Panevezys Lithuania Rose granite
Sustain my heart, sustain my world Ubon Rachatani Thailand Bee wax
In harmony with our future Changchun (Jilin) China Marble
Yes, I do (The Kiss) Penza Russia Stainless steel
The Latakia Muse Belluno Italy Cirmolo, stainless steel
Endiko, symbol of friendship Damascus Syria Walnut, glass, paint
2012 The girl with the strawberries Beervelde Belgium Belgian blue hardstone, paint
Reaching for the sky Karamay  (Xinjiang) China Heavy metals
Mother help this world Giulianova Italy Puglia (Lecchese) limestone (Collection St-Peter church – Maria Santorissima del Portosalvo)
Ngalya, Arctic God of Prosperity Labytnangi, Yamal-Nenets Siberia Larch, glass, Ural stone, paint, reflector
Messenger of Peace Al Solaimanyah, Cairo Egypt Metal scrap
2013 Memorial Para-Commando Regiment St-Lambrechts-Woluwe(Brussels) Belgium Stainless steel, glass
Nude descending staircase Strausberg Germany Oak
La Renaissance Differdange Luxembourg Belgian Blue Hardstone
Mama killed a chicken Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria Carbon steel, glass. Also Masterclass and Performance
Balance for (the 4 elements) Castello Tesino Italy Larch, copper, belgian blue hardstone, aluminum
The Himalayan Bull Pokhara Nepal Himalayan river sandstone (hard)
The Belgian Apis Sharm el Sheikh Egypt Metal scrap, glass
Jumping Carp Flash Almaty Kazakhstan Brilliant stainless steel, glass
Sheshat, Goddess of Art Cairo Egypt Carbon steel, glass
2014 Tcherfalc, God of stone sculptors Sharm el Sheikh Egypt Carbon steel, glass, granite, marmor
Father Damian                        Lokeren Belgium Stainless steel
It must not always be a mans hand Wilkendorf Germany Oak
Baila Oriental Salamanca Spain Stone of Villamayor
Je suis liberté Luxemburg City Luxembourg Mixed Media
Beheaded vibrator Saariselka Finland Wood, paint, gold
Hero of Dondylpal Izhevsk Udmurtia (Russia) Wood, steel, copper
To hell and back Nevele Belgium Stainless steel
2015 Origin of the world Altlandsberg Germany Oak
The Baikal Monster Savvatayevka (Irkutskaya Oblast) Russia Larch, glass, steel
Escape Mlada Boleslav Czech Republic Stainless steel, rubber, glass
The Gap Between Gyumri Armenia Tuff stone, carbon steel
2016 The Anemoi Ayia Napa Cyprus Cypriot lime stone
Femme Fatale Brandenburg Germany Poplar, copper, glass
Lui che ha riempito le guance di aria Pozza di Fassa Italy Cirmolo, steel, aluminum
2017 The Manned Camera Zomergem Belgium Stainless steel
Apis Flamand La Bresse France Stainless steel
Symposium Camille Claudel -Premier Prix du Jury
The Musician Wilkendorf Germany Oak, carbon steel
Le joueur du saxe Sculpturama    Lamazière-Basse France Lime, carbon steel, paint
Prewalski Pferd Skulpturraum-      Duderstadt Germany  Carbon steel, stainless steel
2018 Egy, Queen of Egyptian Desert Hurghada Egypt Stainless steel
Herne, Spirit of the forest Wilkendorf Germany Stainless steel, glass
Luka, The Lukomorian Lukomorye Land Bolshaya Rechka Siberia-Russia Stainless steel, glass
L’Apis des Bressaudes et Bressauds TACZ, Zomergem Belgium Stainless steel, glass
Ninfa della foresta Livigno Italy Wood, stainless steel
Ninfa della foresta (version 2)
Originally made in Edolo
Final form at TACZ Zomergem



Larix, stainless and carbon steel, acryl
Le coup de main Villars-Fontaine France Stainless steel, glass
Prosperity Minqin, Gansu China Stainless steel
Altar of Peace Kvitka Polonini,Solochyn Ukraine Subcarpathian hard grey sandstone
2019 The Argo (installation) Agia Napa Cyprus Carbon, stainless steel, aluminium


Artist in residence

Upcycling Art Fesival “Avation”     Abu Dhabi (Art Hub) – Liwa Art Hub UAE

March 1 – 30, 2015


  • AVIATOR, 90 x 100 x 168 cm; stainless steel, brass, aluminum, glass, pvc
  • IDENTIFIED AIRSHIP HAS LANDED, 175 x 150 x 65 cm; carbon steel, stainless steel, gold and black paint
  • REVERSED SPINTOP WITH BALANCER ON DIABOLO, 155 x 95 x 80 cm; carbon steel, stainless steel, white and black paint
  • AND THE WIND WILL CARRY MY PAPER PLANE, 110 x 180 x 65 cm; carbon steel, stainless steel.

Chairman of the International Jury/President of the international Jury

Lukomorye International Wood Sculpture Festival

May 10 until May 21 2016

Saggateevka, Angarsk,Irkutsk Oblast, Siberia, Russian Federation.

Sculptures for “The Argo”, bridge in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, 2017

  • Jason, stainless steel, 215 x 140 x 80 cm
  • Medea, stainless steel, 185 x 80 x 65 cm
  • Orpheus, stainless steel, 205 x 120 x 80 cm
  • Zeus, stainless steel, glass, 220 x 150 x 100 cm
  • Dionysus, stainless steel, glass, 160 x 130 x 120 cm
  • Pallas Athena, stainless steel, glass, 210 x 80 x 75 cm
 Portrait by Lucia Manevich (Rus), Penza (Rus) 2008

  • Applied Arts
  • – Design and realisation scenery for theatre, dance etc …
  • – Decorative art such as wallornaments, wind roaster, letterboxes etc … in wrought ironwork.
    – Portraits (graphite, charcoal, chalks, paint).
    – Design for poster, flyer, cover for books or cd/dvd etc …
    – Illustrations for books and magazines.
    – Perceptional education: individual or groups – children and adults. In drawing, painting, moulding and moulage, stone and woodcarving, metal-art, multi-media, art-experience.

World Wide Medical Insurance: DKV Belgium 0739-01271670-10

Civil Responsibility World Wide: Delta Lloyd Belgium  44028894

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