Thierry Lauwers – Artist Statement -

I am captivated by the human reaction and action on common daily problems; but authentic emotions.
For this I am not using only the human body but every physical image as a metaphor for the language of the soul (life-force).
People encounter art objects every day but often ignore the purpose for what they stand for. Yet that is exactly what my work is all about. An individual quest for the observer.
Intrigued by mass and form, shape and volume; monumental  sculptures are my thing. Therefore I am listed among environmental artists. Only this is not exactly a fact.
I am not looking for aesthetic beauty nor balance in composition. Rather a truth I find or resent locally. Making art “in situ” is feeling the needs and sentiments of the people and environment.
Like a writer has his “couleur locale” me too I'm open for all kinds of information and using it also in my creation.
Only my work is not always like it looks or even stands for. Often contradictory, sometimes a verity only in details, contestable,ambiguity in it's totality, there is always a search needed, a decomposition to find my truth.

artist statement


Thierry Lauwers, Zomergem October 29 2013